On Friday 10th August 3 members of Cheshire and North Wales (Neil Almond, Mark Parry & Mike Arnstein) shot in the Inter-Regional competition at Bisley on the Cooper Range. The competition is an English Match shot on the Electronic targets in the Cooper Range.

Each team has one shooter in each of 3 squads, which levels the playing field a bit, in case the conditions change during the day, which they certainly did this year! 

Squad 1 saw fairly typical conditions for the Cooper range, with the wind flicking from left to right and back again very quickly, and then blowing straight in your face, and then the sun came out, and in during the detail too.

Squad 2 saw atrocious conditions, with heavy rain, thunder, lightning, and very strong winds that were practically unreadable, light conditions were on the overcast side of dark, except when the lightning illuminated things!

Squad 3 saw much calmer conditions with a relatively easy wind to read, and fairly constant light conditions throughout

The scores achieved rather reflect these differing conditions, however, North-West Region finished in a very credible 4th place a mere 1.2 points behind Upper South-West region who finished in 3rd place. Interestingly our X count was considerably higher than Upper South-West! We were only 6.8 points of the overall winners (Eastern Region - Team 1); so overall an excellent effort from our team.

Not only did we finish 4th overall but Mike Arnstein was 3rd highest Individual score and collected a medal for his efforts laughing

As you will have seen the North-West Regional squad has set up an inaugural meeting on Sunday 30th September at Wigan Rifle Club, so we would encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved in the Regional squad and shooting for North-West to contact either Mike Arnstein (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Neil Almond (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more details.

Well done to the team, for a very credible effort overall.