Finally the results for the 2020 County Cup shoot have been published.

Those of you who shot in the team may vaguely remember a Socially Distanced Shoot over at Appleton, where half of the Team shot in the Morning, and the other half in the afternoon? Plus couple of our 'stalwarts' who were unavailable on the day shot their cards later in the week, which was all allowable under the modified rules for 2020 due to the Pandemic.

We finished in a credible 3rd place in our division, and as you will see from the scores we picked up several points over my estimates - either the scorer was very generous or I need to get way better at estimating scores!

If I didn't actually thank everyone for their efforts at the time then, I will do so now, and if I did, well I'll say it again anyway - Thanks to everyone who attended and shot for us.


You never know we may actually be able to all meet up and shoot together as a team again at some point - fingers crossed eh?


You'll find the full set of results here


Good luck to everyone as and when we get to shoot again, and stay safe


Neil Almond - Rifle Captain