After all the issues with Covid this year, I have finally received the Final results for the Inter-County Leagues from Winter 2019/20. I think we were very fortunate in that we had all shot all the cards prior to the Lock-Down back in March this year, unfortunately a number of other Counties had not achieved this, so as you probably know the NSRA extended the deadlines to the End of September this year. As that deadline has now passed all the scores are now in and I have updated and published the final results for The Inter-County League, The Reserves League, The Veterans, and The Ladies League here

As you will see we didn't do quite as well as the previous year, when as I am sure you'll all remember we won all 3 leagues! Of course this year we were placed in higher divisions so managed a Runners-up place for the Inter-County League (610), 3rd place in the Inter-County Reserves League (611), 5th in the Veterans League (605), and 3rd in the Inter-County Ladies League (612). So overall we had a very respectable return for all our efforts during the Winter.

I would like to personally thank everyone for their efforts in shooting their cards during the Winter 19/20, and also for the fact that you all got your cards back to me on time - given the disparate nature of our shooters that is no mean feat.

Once again this year there were some excellent personal performances and I would like to mention especially Anna Maughan (14) who topped the averages in the Reserves League (and in fact was 11th highest average across the County), and to Abby Warren who topped the averages in the Ladies League (and came 2nd overall to Simon in the Inter-County League). 

Moving into the Winter 20/21 Season, as you are all probably aware the format for the Inter-County competitions has changed slightly, and rather than a "Main Team" of 20 and a "Reserves Team" of 10, this year its all teams of 12, in a single league and each County is able to enter as many teams as they like. It looks like we will only be able to enter 2 Teams in the League this coming Winter, as a number of our shooters are either shielding, or are members of Clubs that are yet to reopen following the Covid Shutdown, but the good news is that we will be in the Leagues, and therefore keeping the County Name at the forefront. The NSRA have also recognised that many Clubs are still working under very trying circumstances, so have proposed that the shooting dates be changed, and rather than insisting that each round in 2 weeks after the previous one, they have set 2 cut off dates, so Rounds 1 to 5 must be shot by February 2021, and Rounds 6 to 10 by March. So once I have entered the Teams, and received the Stickers I will update everyone as to when we need to shoot our cards by, and all I would ask is that you all make sure you get each card signed, witnessed and dated, and that you shoot them in order - i.e. don't shoot round 3 before round 2 for example.

The Final League tables for the Winter 2019/20 Season are as follows:

So a final thanks again to everyone for their efforts during last winter, and lets hope the scamming season can be even more successful.


Cheshire & North Wales County Rifle Captain.