On Saturday 12th September this year the Cheshire Team got together (well most of us anyway) to shoot this years County Cup competition (One we did especially well in last year, coming second). Due to the current situation with the Covid Pandemic the NSRA had relaxed the rues a little this year, and rather than insisting that the whole team shoot at the same time on the same range we were able to stagger shooting over more than 1 day to ensure social distancing. This meant that of the 12 Team members 10 shot on the Saturday, and the other two managed to shoot during the week.

Team shoot with social distancing look a bit like this:

Alongside the usual suspects in the Team it was really good to see some new faces, and I would especially like to mention Anna Maughan, who at the age of 14 is (I believe) the youngest shooter to be picked for the County, and she was really proud to receive her County Badge, and I am sure she will join me in thanking Jim for acting as chauffeur, and spotter!