In addition to the Derbyshire County Open Shoot in May, Staveley Rifle & Pistol Club host a Polar Bear Double Dewar open. This year it was held on Sunday 19th January, making it one of the first outdoor competitions of the new year.
It was hardly polar conditions though. Once the morning frost and chill had dissipated, it turned out to be a gorgeous day. I even saw open-top cars being driven around the narrow country lanes with their hoods down in the afternoon.
Staveley range is an extensive one, with an indoor 25 yard range incorporated into the clubhouse complex. Built next to the ‘Barrow All Roundhouse Railway Centre’ and a mile-or-so from Staveley (in turn near to Chesterfield) it's a pleasant drive from Stockport, passing Chatsworth. 
The day saw virtually no wind and the bright sun passed behind the firing point roofs after 11am. The facilities comprise a 100 yard range, which being in shadow, remained frosty for most of the morning, and a lengthy 50 metre range which included the optional 50 yard range with the target boards moved back. The ranges are reasonably level, but on a descending left-to-right slope. The firing points have been stepped accordingly. A particularly nice feature of the range is the amount of space behind the firing points, which allows for easy setting-up of equipment. 
There were around 30 attendees, and I recognised some people from Yorkshire. The club officials and members are very friendly. Quite a few attend Appleton shoots and I’m sure they’d like to see a few from Cheshire attend their own events. 
Thanks to our "On the Spot Reporter" Brendan Newport